Psychotherapy is the activity by which psychological problems are adressed by psychological means.

In the psychotherapy sessions, you will have the possibility to talk about what matters most to you, your problems, concerns and deepest pains.

In session, I will provide a psychological atmosphere that facilitates emotional openness and sharing, while providing a deepening of your experience when it seems beneficial for you.

The sessions will be held with respect for your boundaries and vulnerabilities, but also contain invitations to explore further when it´s appropriate.

Emotions are considered primary adaptive, healthy and important guides in our lives. Experiencing and working with your emotional states are an important part of this type of therapy, which is why this approach is named Emotion Focused Therapy.

Therapy for adults and young people are offered.

Autoriseret psykolog Niels Bagge
tlf. 20841884
WIRE: @psykologbagge

45 min. kr. 1.200
60 min. kr. 1.600
90 min. kr. 2.400

Price with sygesygeikring:

First consultation: 462,42 kr.

2-12 consultation: 385,59 kr.

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